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Without the solid community we have, helping survivors would not be possible. Find out how to become a part of our community so we can continue to support the desperate families fleeing domestic violence. We believe that everyone should be treated with kindness and without judgment no matter the background, gender, ethnicity or religion. We are committed to supporting as many people and families as we possibly can with every resource and ounce of energy we have. We are committed to survivors having a home and being treated with the generosity they deserve.

Making a difference

Rehouse to Rehome are dedicated to providing encouragement and support to families and individuals who have suffered domestic abuse.

Rehouse to Rehome is extremely proud that it successfully re-housed at least one survivor of domestic abuse every single week, giving them a chance to rebuild their lives. 

We accept financial donations and donated goods of household furnishings which are given to people and families free of charge after fleeing domestic violence, turning houses into homes.

Sheffield survivor reveals horrific injuries in heartfelt plea for domestic abuse charity

A Sheffield charity has issued an urgent appeal for help for survivors of domestic abuse.

“Things have got so bad for us at Rehouse to Rehome because so many people are reaching out to us for help and it’s so difficult to keep up.

“Yes there’s lots of domestic abuse organisations and loads of places people can call or apply to for help, but that doesn’t mean help is always available to everyone. If so why do so many people need our help?…Read more

Support our work


Giving means so much more than making a donation, it means making the difference. It enables us to bring about real and positive change in the lives of survivors.

Since COVID-19 began we have seen a significant rise in requests for help from survivors of domestic abuse who are rehoused with very little or nothing.
Many adults and children are currently in refuge even after signing the tenancy agreements for their new properties and because they don’t have the household items needed for a home they can’t move out of refuge. Although survivors are unable to move into properties they still have to make monthly rent payments from the day they agreed on moving and also pay the service charge at the refuge, which is why so many people are financially struggling or find themselves with debts before stepping one foot out of refuge.
Refuges providing sanctuary to victims of domestic violence are running out of space.
Many refuges are full and some are closed which means adults and children are unable to escape the violence which they are suffering at home and are trapped with their abusive partners in fear of their lives.
Lack of financial support means that many survivors who have found the strength and courage to leave an abusive household find themselves in situations where, when they are
rehoused, they are left without the most basic of household amenities for example, a cooker, a fridge, a washing machine and other white goods and no means of purchasing them. The prospect of gathering the courage to leave the most horrific of situations and then to find themselves in such desperate circumstances without a functioning home, particularly when survivors are responsible for children, is shattering.
Every single day throughout the Covid-19 pandemic we have received calls from victims of domestic abuse and also survivors who have fled abusive homes, all in desperate need of help.
Many domestic abuse services and key workers contact us daily requesting our help for the people and families who they are supporting, and it’s a struggle to keep up with these requests.
Before this pandemic there was a severe shortage of refuge space.
Domestic Abuse services are now on the frontline of the response to the pandemic and facing staff shortages, challenges to manage social distancing within communal accommodation, and the many restrictions on resettling adults and children into their new homes.
This means refuge spaces are even less accessible to survivors.
When we’re able to provide a family with the household items needed, they can move out of refuge and their space then becomes available for someone else who is desperate to escape domestic abuse.
We currently have a list of the items needed for 23 properties and we are  working through and we are prioritising household goods that are most urgent and which determine whether or not individuals and families can move out of refuge.
The items that we are in need of changes on a daily basis because everyone’s needs are all different. However, many families are urgently in need of cookers, fridge freezers and washing machines.
We don’t have the funds to provide these emergency items and we are in desperate need of help. We are eternally grateful for the smallest donation that anyone can make at this time because any contributions will help us to provide these crucial items and therefore survivors can move into homes of their own but furthermore we help someone else who is in need of a refuge space.
Every little bit of help we receive can make a big difference to so many.
When you make a donation to Rehouse to Rehome you provide support that is tailored to each person of families unique needs. The result is lasting impact in all of our clients lives. Your support helps survivors overcome the Impacts of domestic abuse to achieve long term safety and stability. Thank you for providing transformational support and empowering survivors.

Here's how you can donate

Donation by PayPal

You can donate your desired amount to Rehouse to Rehome by going to our PayPal donation page.


Our Impact

When someone reaches out to us we always listen, believe, support and offer everyone our friendship because we believe understanding is essential and positive friendships greatly influence peoples healing process.

I just keep looking at everything thinking I hope I don’t wake up and it’s a dream because everything is just perfect. All of the furnishings Rehouse to Rehome have given us are so lovely, this is the happiest we have all felt in years and it’s all because of the loveliest woman and her amazing charity.

​Thank you for doing all this for me and my family and just being so kind to us. You have made us all feel normal again and you have given us our life back. This day will never be forgotten and now we can all look forward and try to forget and leave all the nasty stuff behind.​ I just cant thank you enough.

– Sarah, a domestic abuse survivor 

We would like to thank you so much for your recent help in supporting one of our customers turn the house into a home. Our customer came to us having left her settle home in the south of England due to domestic violence. She has a faced an up-hill struggle piecing her and her children’s lives back together ever since. We found suitable accommodation for her but unfortunately she was not obliged for help with furnishing her property.

​As you have told us before we turned to you, and as usual you didn’t disappoint! Your help in providing beds and a settee and wardrobe for the customer and her 2 children was invaluable for the family being able to settle in a new home after months of uncertainty.

​This is not the first time you’ve helped us and we are sure it will not be the last. So ourselves and the customer want to say thank you unreservedly.

-South Yorkshire Housing Association

Many thanks for your help today regarding the family I have referred to your service and being able to respond so quickly. It is clear your service is so valuable in Sheffield, without it many families who move with very little or no possessions would not be able to create a home they would be able to live in safely.

​I hope through the work you are doing with many of the vulnerable families within the city it continues to raise awareness of the impact any donation can have upon a families life.

-Sheffield City Council (Children’s and Families)

Help us reach more people

It’s only with your help that we can continue to help survivors of domestic violence get a fresh start in a new home away from their abuser.

Families with children fleeing domestic violence have to leave all of their belongings behind and run for their lives.

Let’s make sure they are not only safe, but in a home.

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